We are so glad that you are interested in joining us as we play with our kids, laugh, enjoy delightful snacks, exchange tips, and just share life as mothers. Pathway Playgroup meets every other Wednesday morning from 10am-12noon at the Kingswood Life Centre.   This event has been organized to help Moms connect during the week; to get out of the house and have some adult conversation while our little ones play in a safe and friendly environment, as well as foster their own little connections with peers.

A schedule is sent out each September (and provided to all new attendees as they join). We meet at the Kingswood Life Centre from September to April, and at public locations (parks, splash pads, the zoo, etc.) during the summer months (May-August).

To make playgroup enjoyable for everyone and ensure safety within the group, we ask that you keep the following things in mind when attending:

  • Your children are your responsibility at all times, supervision is not provided.
  • Playgroup is a “well-baby” activity. If your child/children are under the weather, please refrain from attending that week and take the time to get well so we can visit with you again soon. We understand that kids get colds and the sniffles and we cannot stay home every time one of our little ones comes down with something, but we ask that you be considerate of others (especially those with young infants who are more susceptible) when attending.
  • Please bring a small nut free snack to share with the group.
  • And most of all HAVE FUN while connecting with other Moms!

If you would like more information about playgroup or would like to be added to the schedule, please contact Vanessa Dinesen by filling out the form below.


Kingswood Life Centre (old Talwood Community Centre building)

993 Talwood Drive

Park at the rear of the building. Enter through the front doors (facing Talwood drive) adjacent to the Talwood Variety Store. Proceed down to the basement.

More information about Playgroup