Pastor Nathan Blais

Responding is easy!

Planning ahead is hard.

Responding to a critic is easy.
Responding to an angry spouse is easy.
Responding to a problem when it arises is easy.
Making hard choices ahead of time to avoid these inevitable situations – not easy!

Many times we lack the motivation to do what needs to be done until there is a crisis. Crisis is a lot like our morning coffee – very little gets accomplished until we have some.

Have you ever found yourself living life by simply reacting to situations that impose themselves on you? This reactive approach to life and faith can very easily sidetrack the best of us. It is not unusual for people to assess their life and realize that they did not end up where they intended to go. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “how did I get so far off track?” The answer to that question usually leads us to the fact that we forgot where we were going and decided everything would be fine as long as we avoided a collision along the way.

You need a plan.

Planning and preparing ahead of time takes much more effort than reacting. One of the reasons we find planning so hard to do is because there is a lack of motivation to do what needs to be done. The urgency and adrenaline we love is just not there to keep us moving. In fact, sometimes the problem will literally be – TOO many choices!

So we wait – UNDECIDED as our options narrow. Wait long enough and you will eventually be left with only a few, maybe NONE! Life becomes very simple if we wait until we are backed into a corner. At that point there are usually only two options – fight or flight. We are now in the position to do what we love best – REACT. This way the results (especially if they are bad) can be blamed upon the people or circumstances that forced the final decision to be made.

Making a hard choice for a better future when you don’t have to is one of life’s most challenging disciplines. The good news is – the sooner you act, the more choices you will have available to you.

Do you want to be a godly husband, wife, friend, boss, parent?

You need a plan. Without it you just may find yourself being tossed to and fro as you react to life and shift directions constantly under relentless pressure. If the goal of life is to keep everyone around you happy – congratulations! Not only will you fail to keep everyone happy, you will also fail to accomplish much else.

REMEMBER – Conflict is inevitable – the real question is – do you want to have it now while you have a lot of options or later when you have only one or two?

Do you know what God is asking you to do? Do you know what you need to accomplish? Do you know what type of person God is calling you to be?

Don’t react! Make a plan – commit it to The Lord and get to work 🙂

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”

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